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Bat Mitzvah in Israel

So your little girl is turning 12, an important milestone for her and for the whole family. How are you planning to celebrate? Have you too given thought to having her bat mitzvah in Israel? After all, there is little more befitting than seizing the chance to strengthen your princess’s bond with her heritage, to visit the holy land and enjoy firsthand experience of its past and present. 

A bat mitzvah celebration in Israel is something that your adolescent child, and all who are lucky enough to celebrate with her,  will never forget. It is easy to plan a trip tailored to your needs and preferences, the celebration itself may be held at a venue of your choice, one of a wide range of magical sites located all over Israel, from the Golan heights right down to the desert, there’s Jerusalem and the Kotel, Mediterranean sea side venues, resorts by the dead sea, magnificently serene desert oasis and much, much more.
Things to Take Into Consideration
When contemplating holding a bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah or wedding in Israel there are things you should give though to, let us enlighten you and lay out a list of the main issues. 
There are travel agencies which offer Israel bar mitzvah tours, it is advisable to consult several such agencies and to make sure such trips are really something they excel at. If it’s a wedding that you’re going to celebrate find a wedding planner Israel who you click with and feel comfortable entrusting with taking care of all details, great and small.

A bar mitzvah at the kotel is a popular choice, it is certainly joyous and moving. There are plenty of other possible venues, you may even choose to have a celebration at one and a more religious ceremony at another.

So far as bar mitzvah in Israel cost is concerned there are possibilities to fit any budget. If you know how much you plan to spend on a bar mitzvah in Israel a good agency specializing in organizing such trips and events can steer you through making sure expense does not the sums you’ve set aside. 

Israel is home to all Jews, wherever in the world we may reside. Holding a celebration in Israel, whether a bar/bat mitzvah or a wedding, is a way to connect to our past, present and future, a truly unique celebration which leaves joyous memories which touch a special, deep chord in our hearts, one that’s hard to play any other way.